Project Title  Template  Organization Owner Download
Scientific Journals publishing Digital Curation Centre Non Partner Institution Namig Isayev (new window)
The contribution of water retention, nutrient loading and microbial community to mosquito breeding and West Nile virus transmission in Spokane County U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Non Partner Institution Krisztian Magori (new window)
Using weather and pollutant time series to analyze respiratory hospital admissions trends in South America Digital Curation Centre University of São Paulo (USP) Eduardo Germani (new window)
Recursive Solver for Sudoku Digital Curation Centre Non Partner Institution Ninad Mohale (new window)
Authoritative Lists of Non-Native Species for AK, HI, L48 USGS CSASL Product and Systems DMP U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Elizabeth Sellers (new window)
Fundamentals of Quantum Materials Winter School and Workshop NSF-GEN: Generic University of Maryland, College Park (UMD) Kristin Stenson (new window)
Modelo multivariável para prever tempo de duração de cirurgia: desenvolvimento e validação Digital Curation Centre Non Partner Institution Gabriel Guimaraes (new window)
Capstone project Digital Curation Centre University of Pittsburgh Nunkovich, A (new window)
LTREB: Drivers of temperate forest carbon storage from canopy closure through successional time NSF-BIO: Biological Sciences University of Michigan Jason Tallant (new window)
Comparison of two clinical criteria for evaluating caries lesions around restorations in primary teeth: a randomized clinical trial Template USP - Mínimo University of São Paulo (USP) Fausto Mendes (new window)