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Community Resources

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The DMPTool Community Resources Library serves as a central location for information about the tool itself, resources for promoting use of the tool, and general data management best practices information. In the future we anticipate that this library of resources will be community-driven, providing DMPTool administrators a way to contribute to the resources listed here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our FAQ page,, to find out answers to common questions, or to ask your own questions and get answers from the community.

Promotion Materials

Go to Promote the DMPTool page. Postcards, slide decks, and other materials to help institutional administrators spread the word about the DMPTool on their campus and engage in discussions with their institution's stakeholders about data management.

Data Management Primers

Training Materials


Many academic libraries use LibGuides as a self-publishing tool to store reference information. We have listed some below that are great resources for data management.

Repository Selection Help

Choosing the right data repository goes a long way towards ensuring data are discoverable. The two websites here provide a database of repositories that can be searched on data type, keyword, and other features.

DMPTool Webinars

IMLS Webinar Series

As part of work funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, we hosted a webinar series on topics relating to data management planning. Recordings and slides are available from the DMPTool Blog. Topics include:

  1. Introduction to the DMPTool. May 28, 2013.
  2. Learning about data management: Resources, tools, materials you can use. June 4, 2013.
  3. Customizing the DMPTool for your institution. June 18, 2013.
  4. Environmental Scan: Who's important at your campus. June 25, 2013.
  5. Promoting institutional services with the DMPTool; EZID as example. July 9, 2013.
  6. Health Sciences and the DMPTool. July 16, 2013.
  7. Digital humanities and the DMPTool. July 30, 2013.
  8. Data curation profiles and the DMPTool. August 13, 2013.
  9. Talking points for meeting with institutional stakeholders. August 27, 2013.
  10. Beyond funder requirements: more extensive DMPs. October 1, 2013.
  11. Tools and resources that complement the DMPTool. October 15, 2013.

Other DMPTool webinars

Data Management Guidance

Basic information about data management is available at Data Management Guidance. Topics include:

Presentations and Press about DMPTool

Visit the Presentations and Press page of the DMPTool Blog for a full list.